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e3 - missional curriculum for teens


e3 is CBF's missional resource for teenagers. e3 is a free monthly e-teaching plan that challenges students through Scripture and the stories of CBF field personnel to love their neighbors as themselves. Each lesson is built around stories from CBF’s fellowship! magazine.


  • engages students though an introductory activity
  • equips them with biblical understanding, and
  • invites them to extend their faith into their schools, families, and communities.

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e3 - March 2018

e3 curriculum for youth for March 2018


e3 - February 2018

e3 curriculum for youth for February 2018


e3 - January 2018

e3 curriculum for youth for January 2018. Everyday Faith


e3 - December 2017

e3 for December 2017 Refuge & Hope 2 Corinthians 5:16-18


e3 - November 2017

e3 for November 2017 We are One Genesis 18:108


e3 - October 2017

Gaining Community through Loss - Nehemiah 2:1-10


e3 - September 2017

e3 - September 2017 Welcoming Places - Hebrews 13:2 FOR DOWNLOAD ONLY