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Form - Curriculum for Preschoolers


FORM is a downloadable resource designed to teach preschoolers about missions and the missional life by engaging all 5 senses through experiential learning.

FORM offers:

  • clearly demonstrated missional theme throughout each unit
  • activities that tie into a central biblical story
  • additional options for older and younger preschoolers
  • icons to help you easily navigate between the six learning centers
  • learning center activities using more technology, math, language, and science

FORM also includes a resource kit with color pictures, color item pages and reproducible pages organized to make teaching easier.

Want to preview before you buy? Visit our Missions Education Resources page or contact Josh Speight for more information.

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Form - FebruaryMarch2018

Form missions curriculum for preschoolers for February/March 2018


Form - December2017/January2018

Form curriculum for preschoolers - December 2017/January 2018


Form - October/November 2017

Form is CBF missional formation curriculum for preschoolers. October/November 2017 features the work of Together for Hope in Shaw, MS and CBF field personnel Brooke and Mike in Southeast Asia.


Form - August/September 2017

Form curriculum for preschoolers for August/September 2017


Form - April/May 2017

Form curriculum for preschoolers for April/May 2017


Form - February/March 2017

Form curriculum for preschoolers for February/March 2017


Form - December 2016/January 2017

Form curriculum for preschoolers for December 2016 and January 2017 FOR DOWNLOAD ONLY


Form - October/November 2016

Form - missional formation curriculum for preschoolers FOR DOWNLOAD ONLY