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Form - Curriculum for Preschoolers


FORM is a downloadable resource designed to teach preschoolers about missions and the missional life by engaging all 5 senses through experiential learning.

FORM offers:

  • clearly demonstrated missional theme throughout each unit
  • activities that tie into a central biblical story
  • additional options for older and younger preschoolers
  • icons to help you easily navigate between the six learning centers
  • learning center activities using more technology, math, language, and science

FORM also includes a resource kit with color pictures, color item pages and reproducible pages organized to make teaching easier.

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Form - August/September 2017

Form curriculum for preschoolers for August/September 2017


Form - April/May 2017

Form curriculum for preschoolers for April/May 2017


Form - February/March 2017

Form curriculum for preschoolers for February/March 2017


Form - December 2016/January 2017

Form curriculum for preschoolers for December 2016 and January 2017 FOR DOWNLOAD ONLY


Form - October/November 2016

Form - missional formation curriculum for preschoolers FOR DOWNLOAD ONLY


Form - August/September 2016

Preschool curriculum for August and September 2016 FOR DOWNLOAD ONLY


Form - April/May 2016

Preschool curriculum for April and May 2016 FOR DOWNLOAD ONLY


Form 2017-18 - Year-long Subscription

Year-long subscription includes August 2017 through May 2018 lessons. Year-long subscribers receive 2018 Summersalt for FREE!